Good Hearts and Healthy Humors

My Column for The Elgin Review Elgin, NE May 22, 2019

The movers swooped into our house and suddenly, before I’d had opportunity to pack my clothes for the next several days, my dresser was wrapped in plastic and hauled out of the house–with all of my clean underwear still in it.

The day our heavy things were being loaded on the trailer to come to Neligh, we were so happy when the trailer was full, we let the hired, brawny movers leave–only to realize, too late, we hadn’t had them move the heavy armoire from the basement and hadn’t had them load the bed of the pickup.

We needed to be at a funeral for the father of a friend at 1:00 PM in Omaha on Monday. The sale of our Omaha home closed at 8:00 am that morning and we were still moving things out of it and cleaning into the wee hours. Mike dropped the trailer off in Neligh at 1:00 am, slept a few hours and turned around to be back in Omaha for the funeral. He’d remembered to get his suit from our borrowed apartment, but he’d forgotten a dress shirt. Could I bring one from our new Lincoln apartment where I’d spent the night after finishing cleaning our Omaha home at 2:30 am? I grabbed the shirt but got stuck in road construction traffic. If we stuck with our original plan to meet at the public library where Mike could change into his suit, we would have missed half the funeral.

I bought a package of underwear at the store. (Who can’t use new underwear, anyway?) Mike bought an appliance dolly at Menard’s and together we muscled that crazy-heavy armoire out of the basement and into the pick-up. Mike changed into his suit, minus a dress shirt, at the library, and we met in front of the church where he slipped behind a tree and changed from his tee-shirt into his dress-shirt and we made it to the funeral right on time.

Friends from Omaha and Lincoln helped us pack and load. My brother loaned us his truck. When we got to Neligh church members and their family and friends met us at the parsonage and helped us unload. Sandwiches, chips, beverages and desserts were waiting for us in the kitchen.

We’ve all had weeks we feared would never end. We’ve all had weeks so jam packed with all sorts of things that we can’t help but drop the ball time and again. We’ve all had weeks when we’re bone-tired and don’t quite know how we can make it through. But, by the grace of God, the help of our community and a healthy dose of good humor, we do.

Park Congregational United Church of Christ is a place where we practice and experience the grace of God together. It’s a congregation committed to helping our Elgin community. It’s a group of good-hearted people with healthy senses of humor. You are always welcome at Park UCC to worship, to laugh, and to be strengthened for whatever life holds in store for you this week.

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