Pastoral Prayer    June 26, 2022 

Breath of life, Inspiration of all that is, was and will be, fill us with your holy presence and restore to us our ability to breathe for this has been a breath-taking week.

Good, caring people, have good, caring reasons to feel very differently about rulings coming out of our nation’s Supreme Court. Help us not to vilify each other, but to seek to understand one another’s views.

Help us to use the fuel of this passionate moment to kindle embers of compassion into actions that insure all children are wanted, cherished, and cared for. Help us unite around a shared commitment to close the loopholes and cover the cavernous gaps that exist in our nation’s social safety net.

Protect women, who have been dealt a blow against their bodily autonomy.

Protect our GLBTQIA siblings who rightly worry their autonomy may be next.

Protect our siblings of color who rightly are concerned their voting rights may be next.

Protect each of us, all of us, from the danger and madness of the rampant proliferation of guns and violence in our culture.

Restore to us the ability to breathe deeply and feel ourselves safe in the company of our neighbors.

Guide our nation’s leaders to live with integrity, speak truthfully and act honorably.

Protect those leaders who bravely strive to tell the truth.

Hold to account those who have dealt in dishonesty.

Humble us, for ours, is far from a perfect nation. Forgive us our hubris and restore us to right relationships with each other and with you.

We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

One thought on “Pastoral Prayer    June 26, 2022 

  1. Becky, this is beautiful and powerful in its entirety – but I keep reading the first paragraph over and over. Much needed. Thank you.


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