“Tell me a story”

Years ago during a difficult season of my life a friend would say, “Tell me a story.” Looking for true stories to tell lifted my eyes from my own sorrows and lifted my heart in the process. More recently, another friend said she looks forward to hearing about my everyday encounters, “divine appointments.” She called them.  Today, my personal sorrows are few, but the world’s sorrows have been weighing heavy on me. It’s been a tough year for tender-hearted people everywhere. As a kind of spiritual discipline I’m dusting off my old laptop keys and brushing up my storytelling, for myself, and for anyone else in need of a good story. Some of the stories I’ll tell are from my past, some from what’s happening around me right now. My goal is to write a story every day for the next year. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. That too, will make a good story.

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